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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chanel Particuliere

Well, I got the Particuliere bug and went to get it this weekend. Every counter I went to was sold out. I finally found one at a mall by work and called to reserve the last bottle! I had quite a time getting it, as the Chanel sales associate was busy schmoozing the lady in front of me for fifteen minutes...*rolls eyes*

So I finally got my hands on it.....and I don't think it's for me.

Now, the formula was amazing! It applied like a Rescue Beauty Lounge polish. Flawless.

Im afraid the color pulls too brown on me =( I was hoping for a bit more grey. I may hang onto this until the summer an see how it looks when I have a slight tan.


  1. I'm still marvelling at how different this looks on you than me. I like it both ways though. I really do crave milk chocolate now! hehe Soo..are you going to keep it??? If not you can sell it on evil bay for beaucoup $$ haha!

  2. Beautiful color!
    Now missy you are in so much trouble! Why didn't you tell me you had a blog?