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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Konad Nail Art

I thought I'd post a set of pics of my konad designs. I love my konad! Adds a professional look ( to a mani.

Here's one I am most proud of...I used Lippmann Fade to Black as the base and for the flowers, I used China Glaze DV8, 2NITE, LOL and IDK. Konad plate M3. I love the way it turned out! So much so that I wore it for 3 days - which is very unusual for me.

Another one that I loved (however I destroyed it an hour after completion...) Base is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Snowflakes are from plate M59 and I used konad white special polish for them. I covered them in a coat of NK Mystical glitter.

I decided to try a multi colored konad here...Base is Illamasqua Jan. Konad is plate M21 using China Glaze Adore & Harmony.

Here is Diamond Cosmetics Sparkling Sherry with plate S9 and konad special polish in silver.

Boggi Brites white polish with pink, light blue & yellow konad special polish. Plate M21. This would be my totally 80's mani that made my mother say "Let me see those nails" - then stare at me like "You are 30 years old, not 14". LOL

Boggi Brites Punky Pink with konad black special polish. Plate M21. Punky Pink is more of an orangy neon red...? I loved this one! The paint splat is my favorite =)

When konad goes bad....

Every now and then, I get a little over excited and my konad designs end up looking like a party on my nails in the worst possible way...

I present to you...OPI Absolutely Alice with plate M59 and M35. I think if I had stopped with just the bow, I'd have been ok...but I did the yellow flowers first. I guess if you knew it was an Alice in Wonderland themed mani, it would make sense. Otherwise, it just looks like a FAIL.

And here is the FAIL to end all fails...
I started with a nice red, then decided to do a zebra print...sounds like a cute idea, right? Well, the konad plate didn't cover my whole fat nail, so I decided to try a black french tip...didn't work out so what do we do?

Add glitter. And when all else fails, mattify.

And here is the hot mess of a result:


I will redeem myself with a few more pretties...

OPI Green Witch Village with konad plate M21 and special polish in silver

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas with konad plate M28

Illamasqua Jan with M9 & M28

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  1. I am SO digging the bright pink with black splotches.. AWESOME!